Welcome to CO’s Snippets.

Do you have things in your life you get excited about?
May be, like me,  you get  passionate about something, or angry or frustrated with others or  just plain thrilled about an event or person in your life.

I’m Chris Stanton-Cook and I decided to start this Blog to have a bit of fun sharing things I’m passionate about (rightly or wrongly in your eyes) and interesting bits and pieces that have taken my interest in the present, past and future.

Share your thoughts , even if you disagree with my point of view and all I ask is that you keep it polite and friendly even if challenging.

If you enjoy anything on my site please share it with your friends.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you and as you’ve taken the time to read this far I’m sure you’re keen to share too.

Chris S-C

On top of the Pylon Sydney Harbour Bridge

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