Bolters and Opportunities

Eddie, an opportunist, our new family member gave me the run around when he spotted an opportunity to bolt out and explore the street.

opportunity takers

Eddie the Bolter

Last week we got a young Dachshund who is a bit of an escape artist.  We got him because where he was living was on a busy road and because he’s an escaper it was too dangerous for him to live there.

Our yard is pretty well dog escape proof.  Well so we thought.

We’d just finished mowing the lawns and I was carrying the clippings out to be dumped.

Next thing I heard was Julie, my lovely wife, calling me “Where’s Eddie?”

Had he spotted an opportunity to bolt????

I dropped my load and ran down the drive, if you can call it running (lots of wobbly flesh on this aging body and old crook knees and neck) and me in my heavy old in my gardening boots.  Such a sight the street hadn’t seen before.

Anyway I get to the footpath and there’s Eddie having a great time investigating the neighbours front yard.

All those interesting smells and spots to mark his visit (I reckon God must have made dogs with an everlasting supply of pee).

I called him, as you do, and got some acknowledgement and he even trotted up close to me.  Just a tease.

I went to grab him – he was off.

Down the path I went – sort of running and cut him off.

Back up the footpath …. towards the garage door.

Beauty I thought to myself “I got him now”.

No way! As I got closer he bolted again this time way down the street we went.  Every few yards he’d stop just to let me get my hopes up and the off again.

It wasn’t a straight run.  He was a great at doubling back.

Up and down the street we went – I was too puffed to swear at him but I sure was thinking about it – didn’t want to offend anyone though- you know neighbourly decorum and all.

To cut a long story short another fellow down the street helped me catch him and the I carried him home and back behind the “dog-proof” fence.  (All secure except when you leave a door open while carrying rubbish out).

Now I had an opportunity thrown my way yesterday to help with internet marketing.  An email from someone I have great respect for, Brett Thomson, let me know about a freebie.

Was this an open door?

At first I thought “No”.  There’ll be up-sells and all the other stuff that goes with these offers.

Brett said it was “Free” and I trust him.  So I had a look.

If you do web sites and want to capture peoples contact details you need what is called a “Squeeze Page” and this offer was all about automated squeeze pages.  So I signed up.

No credit card.

No up-sells.

Just free access and it looks really good.

If you’re interested then here’s the link to your sexy squeeze pages.

Fusion Pages

Special Coupon Code = fq-VLau3G   Make sure you use it to get in for free.

These guys are marketers so it might not be around for too long.  No dilly dallying now.

Happy Reading, Blogging and Marketing.


4 Responses to “Bolters and Opportunities”

  1. Dawn says:

    What a good read it was about your adventure with your new dog. Could there be more “hidden” information in his behavior? He snatched the opportunity to explore without hesitation.

    You, on the other hand, only proceeded after some thought and based your action on trust from a friend. Your dog did not need “permission” from a friend. He bolted on instinct and the opportunity for freedom. And obviously, he had some fun playing you along. Your fear was that this “opportunity” was going to play you and hit your pocketbook.

    I actually looked at, and even signed up for Fusion pages. Although it is free, I did not pursue having others signing up to get more templates, etc. So, when I have to spend my time trying to get others to sign up for a new program, it really is not FREE.

    To be honest, I probably had less of an incentive because I had the InstaBuilder plugin. And, I just very recently purchased WP Profit Builder from Sean Donahoe. Why? Because that plugin is going to likely shame Lead Pages and Fusion pages in the end. And because I trust Sean and his team (see…I am human too!).

    Now…let’s get back to Eddie. He’s smart. He got you to do some exercise. Build on that and take him for walks (use a leash of course). The fresh air will do you good.

    • Thanks for the great reply.
      I’ll haven’t really chased the extras but took the opportunity to share and have the chance take them up down the track.
      Bret Thompson is a great bloke so I really felt comfortable sharing.
      Like you I also have Sean’s Profit builder – might have to ask you for tips how to use it. It looks a very comprehensive builder.

  2. Sandy says:

    Enjoyed reading your dog chasing account Chris! LOL Nice to hear from you again and thanks for the offer. I have gotten it earlier through another link and haven’t got around with it yet. Reason being it is new as I understood and good for a year (only). I was uncertain of what would happen after that. Would like to hear your view on this Chris and what would you suggest. Thanks and stay well!

    To your Abundance,
    Sandy 🙂

    • Hi Sandy and thanks for your comment.
      I’ll get to the Fusion Pages in the next few weeks and be in a better position to comment. There were from memory 10 free and if you shared you built on that.
      I thought it was worth sharing and for some a few free sales pages would be great.
      Eddie is a great little dog. He is with us because where he was is on a main road and the yard wasn’t totally dog proof. We had a Daschund before and it was a game for her to bolt too. She loved being rescued from the bottom of the street. Think he has similar trait but he’s still just a youngster.

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