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Sweets – Help Make A Noise

Let’s help MAKE SWEETS SQUEAK VERY LOUD I just visited my old site and discovered I had some unanswered comments to posts – long time unanswered. I had forgotten about some of the posts as well – pity cause I think a few are worth reading. One in particular is close to my heart and […]


Sleep Deprived – I Nearly Crashed

Sleep Deprivation:  The New Alcohol Threat On The Road. I Nearly Crashed When Driving Tired Wow.  All this happened 40 years ago and it’s still pretty vivid in my mind. I remember what a great trip it was to visit my Mum and friends in Sydney when I had a weekend off from my job […]

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Music I Like

Music I like See My Music Page  I just took some time out to listen to some music while I was doing some work. I thought why not add a Music Page to my Blog and share the music that moves me. Tonight is clearly a thoughtful mood I’m in but over time my broad […]


Lunar Eclipse

Were you able to see the Lunar eclipse? I didn’t think we’d get much of a view from here and it was only a partial not a full blackout but when I went outside there was this absolutely magnificent blood red moon. It was pretty spectacular and one of those moments I wished I’d had […]


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