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Lessons from Scavenging Days

Of Trash and Treasure my childhood memoires have lessons for me today Scavenging – Your Trash Perhaps My Treasure? Those were the days, of so, so many years ago. So much good stuff was dumped.  As the saying goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. When you wanted to repair your bike or build […]


Bolters and Opportunities

Eddie, an opportunist, our new family member gave me the run around when he spotted an opportunity to bolt out and explore the street. Last week we got a young Dachshund who is a bit of an escape artist.  We got him because where he was living was on a busy road and because he’s an […]


Mobile Web Sites

Sites that aren’t mobile optimised will cost readership! At this stage I have a theme that is described as mobile responsive. Just what does Mobile Optimized or Mobile Responsive mean? Mobile responsive sites are designed to adjust their presentation for the device on which they are being viewed. In other words they do their best to […]

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Sweets – Help Make A Noise

Let’s help MAKE SWEETS SQUEAK VERY LOUD I just visited my old site and discovered I had some unanswered comments to posts – long time unanswered. I had forgotten about some of the posts as well – pity cause I think a few are worth reading. One in particular is close to my heart and […]


What A Week

How was your week? Focus on what you can control and move forward. What a week – such a mix of Good and Bad. The last week is one I could gladly go through life again without repeating. It’s left me with very mixed emotions and a resolve to knuckle down and keep on keeping […]


Homemade TelePrompter

Maybe it’s a guy thing, but may be not, cause we all love gadgets. I built a TelePrompter or Autocue to help me with my videos. It didn’t cost much at all – all materials less than $40 although it took about 10  hours to put together including the plans – would be much quicker if […]


Opt-ins, Squeeze Page, Gift and Emails

The Quick Start Challenge Week 3 is building pressure on technical skills. Opt-ins, Squeeze Pages and Gifts On the menu for this weeks challenge are Opt-ins and email sequence Squeeze Pages; and, Gifts The opt-in wasn’t too difficult as I have been using Aweber for several years and knew how to get that together. I just […]


The Money Is Here

We often hear or read “The Money Is In The List” but it’s a misquote. The Money Is In The Relationship With Your List It’s Week three of the Quick Start Challenge and Dean Holland shared some great insights again. He has a very easy delivery style and always has some gems of wisdom in […]

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Sleep Deprived – I Nearly Crashed

Sleep Deprivation:  The New Alcohol Threat On The Road. I Nearly Crashed When Driving Tired Wow.  All this happened 40 years ago and it’s still pretty vivid in my mind. I remember what a great trip it was to visit my Mum and friends in Sydney when I had a weekend off from my job […]

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Where’s The Money

The Quick Start Challenge now rolls into Week 3 Week Three of the QSC is about Money   I have discovered that I have a lot of skills and knowledge about the internet that put me in a good place to become an internet marketer and build an income from internet sources. I successfully ranked […]


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