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Have We Got Time

A song for the Earth – Written and performed by Chris Stanton-Cook 1977 Have We Got Time Hear the falling rain as Mother Nature cries Washing down our sins and trying to decide Have we got time Have we got time To sit back and watch and wait Feel the soulful rustle through the trees as […]


Aussie Farms Are For Farming

It’s time to stop the madness. Protect our farms, our farmers and our food supply. David Pocock, a well respected Rugby Union player and member of the Australian Wallabies was reprimanded by the Australian Rugby Union for protesting against a mine that will destroy valuable farmland. The farming and grazing land in Australia has evolved […]


Mobile Web Sites

Sites that aren’t mobile optimised will cost readership! At this stage I have a theme that is described as mobile responsive. Just what does Mobile Optimized or Mobile Responsive mean? Mobile responsive sites are designed to adjust their presentation for the device on which they are being viewed. In other words they do their best to […]

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Homemade TelePrompter

Maybe it’s a guy thing, but may be not, cause we all love gadgets. I built a TelePrompter or Autocue to help me with my videos. It didn’t cost much at all – all materials less than $40 although it took about 10  hours to put together including the plans – would be much quicker if […]


Sleep Deprived – I Nearly Crashed

Sleep Deprivation:  The New Alcohol Threat On The Road. I Nearly Crashed When Driving Tired Wow.  All this happened 40 years ago and it’s still pretty vivid in my mind. I remember what a great trip it was to visit my Mum and friends in Sydney when I had a weekend off from my job […]

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Music I Like

Music I like See My Music Page  I just took some time out to listen to some music while I was doing some work. I thought why not add a Music Page to my Blog and share the music that moves me. Tonight is clearly a thoughtful mood I’m in but over time my broad […]


QSC Week 2

Video Challenge in QSC Week 2 My video is short and is really just a quick introduction to me and best wishes to all QSC participants. I’ll share with you the production process after the video. Just Click the Video Frame below to watch it    Chris Stanton-Cook’s QSC Introduction

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Lunar Eclipse

Were you able to see the Lunar eclipse? I didn’t think we’d get much of a view from here and it was only a partial not a full blackout but when I went outside there was this absolutely magnificent blood red moon. It was pretty spectacular and one of those moments I wished I’d had […]


First Post

Well here goes – a new blog This one – yep this site – is just for me and my readers – no business stuff  – nice change and gives me some more freedom too. I get to share my experiences and views without being constrained by the limitations of focus required on my other […]


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