First Post

Well here goes – a new blog

This one – yep this site – is just for me and my readers – no business stuff  – nice change and gives me some more freedom too.

I get to share my experiences and views without being constrained by the limitations of focus required on my other sites.  I’ll probably share some links along the way when I reckon their worth sharing or have taught me something.

Peace and energy
A favourite place

The catalyst for this site is my joining the Quick Start Challenge for 2014.  The first challenge was to post to a blog you run and if you didn’t have one to get it set up and make the post.

I initially thought I’d use an existing site User Reviews It and made my challenge post there but now I’ve decided I’ll use that site to review the program and share my impressions of the training.  So far I have to say I’m pretty impressed with Dean and his upfront no BS attitude but friendly style.  Haven’t learnt a lot from the first session but sure revised and revisited some important stuff.  Really enjoying it.

Some I’ll share here –

  • Do it and fix it if it’s broke – you wont know til you do it.
  • Effective planning is essential
  • Time management – set aside time for what has to be done and be accountable
  • Get out of your comfort zone – might be surprised at the results
  • Get your head in the winners circle if you want to win
  • Basics first and pretty it up later
  • Outsource what you can’t or don’t want to do but get it done

Stay tuned and follow the flow.  The plan for here is that I’ll be setting up pages for major areas and posting snippets on the front page with links to the page with the full post or article or video or whatever it turns out to be.

If you get the chance before you go share this with others because it might inspire them to have a go too.



10 Responses to “First Post”

  1. Tywon says:

    This is a nice start. I look forward to seeing how your blog progresses over the next few weeks. Keep up the good work and here’s to your success.

  2. Shane Hutton says:

    Well done, Great effort on getting your site up and running.
    Wishing you well and looking forward to following your blog

    Shane Hutton

  3. Sue West says:

    Hi Chris, I like your Blog, Also very interested in seeing beautiful places. Thanks for sharing! I also like your video short and sweet! Good luck with the Quick Challenge Chris!

    • Adminco says:

      Sue Thanks for visiting – I set this one up for the QSC so I wasn’t bound by commercial constraints.
      Hope you visit again.

  4. Hi Chris, the “challenge” is easier with help from you and the QSC group, and I appreciate your advice on this post. I’m still trying to fix things that aren’t working and get the “basics” in place… thanks so much for your help!…and I love your peaceful place!

    As you said… I will get my head in the Winners Circle!
    Thank you so much!

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Thanks Gail
      I think you have got the basics fine
      We’re in the tune-up mode now and we have to be careful we don’t lose track of time trying to fix little things that don’t really change the end result.
      I think it’s more important to spend time posting and networking than tweaking.
      Cheers Chris

  5. Art Leslie says:

    Nice clean looking blog you have here.

    Will be interested to watch the “challenge” as it unfolds for you. I know you have what it takes to just “get the job done”.

    P.S. Would you mind sharing that favorite place. I kinda like the looks of it myself.

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Thanks for the kind comment.
      The favourite place is the Natural Bridge, Numinbah, Queensland, Australia.
      It is a beautiful place of peace and energy, particularly when the visitors are quiet.
      It’s located in the hinterland behind the Gold Coast and very close to the New South Wales border.
      Inside the cavern it really is quite loud and years ago you could swim there but that’s not allowed now.

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