Lessons from Scavenging Days

Of Trash and Treasure my childhood memoires have lessons for me today

Scavenging – Your Trash Perhaps My Treasure?

Scavenging, recycling, trash and treasure

Your Trash My Treasure?

Those were the days, of so, so many years ago.

So much good stuff was dumped.  As the saying goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

When you wanted to repair your bike or build a billy-cart or some other contraption it was often off to the rubbish tip to look for all the parts you could find.

For others it was a run to the dump and maybe, just maybe, spy something that was useful to you.

Some people would set up camp for morning tea or lunch as they and their kids  set off scavenging through the piles of rubbish.  Not sure how they coped with the smells which were varied and interesting perhaps intoxicating – well maybe not.  They sure stuck in your throat and nostrils.

All this was way before people got carried away suing everyone they could for little scratches and bruises they got and boy did we have fun.  Most took care and wore gloves and stuff to stop the minor injuries and we’d get moved away if the bulldozers were coming in with their engines roaring blotting out all other noises around the dump site.  So much noise around us today all the time now.

My local dump was at North Turramurra and there were plenty of treasures to be found there although we weren’t great scavengers, my Mother was not one to dabble in rubbish or let us either, but many other people collected restorable furniture and toys.  Bikes never lasted there long.

Life sure was different then – way back in the 60’s – but it’s still sort of the same.  Councils now have Smart Dumps where trash is sorted by the people dumping into recyclables and other. Dump workers do the scavenging and now you get to look through the second hand goods they have in their dump shop.  There are bargains to be found for the bargain hunters without having to get that horrid smell stuck in their olfactories for hours after the scavenger hunting had finished.

So the recycling of the 60’s continues in the 2010’s – just in a different and safer way now.  Of course the way we are  going with this planet it’s probably more important than ever.  I wonder if my enviro persona was hatched back in those days and before on the farm as a kid where we kept stuff in case we could use it again later and often did.  Recycling requires creativity and invention and you can come up with some interesting things when you put you mind to it – finding different uses for old items.

There are still bargains to be found and not just at the dump shops but in other areas of life too.

Many old programs built on principles that are ageless can be picked up at bargain prices like Australia’s master copywriter Pete Godfrey’s clearance of some of his hard copy programs that had been hanging around his office.  If you get his newsletter you’d have had the opportunity to pick up a bargain.  Want to know more about Pete then visit his blog – www.petegodfrey.com – and pick up all manner of marketing and business tips.

In my world I have some financial management guides and trainings that I have developed years ago that I put out every so often and plan to run some Seminars and Hangouts based on these for micro to small business owners and managers in the next few months.

What I can say is that spreadsheets have certainly made managing and monitoring businesses so much easier to access information faster so modern day owners and managers have even less cause to say they haven’t got time.  If you haven’t got time you’ll run the risk of having too much time when the business trips over.

If you’re interested send me a message about what troubles you in record keeping and accounting in your business.  Use the Contact form on this site, CO’s Snippets, or post your issue on the ProfiTrain page on Facebook.

If you need quick help then just ask and I’ll give you some pointers.

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2 Responses to “Lessons from Scavenging Days”

  1. Sandy says:

    Hi Chris, trust u had great fun scavenging around many years ago 😀

    We keep many things just so not to waste as we feel someday we may need them. The challenge is that sometimes someday is very very far away n when we decide to throw it afterall, we found ourselves needing it just the day after. Duh! That’s the arghh moment. Lol

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      I know that feeling.
      It’s always the just after you get rid of the “junk” you wish you still had it.

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