Lunar Eclipse

Were you able to see the Lunar eclipse?

I didn’t think we’d get much of a view from here and it was only a partial not a full blackout but when I went outside there was this absolutely magnificent blood red moon.

It was pretty spectacular and one of those moments I wished I’d had a camera that could capture it.  Missed opportunity.  I even tried to find a pic to add here but nothing I could find does it justice so – No pic.  (Maybe I’ll be able to get one from someone in the family.)

There it was just sitting above the outstretched leaves of a palm tree in my front yard, looking almost cradled by the tree.

As the eclipse was ending the bright yellow crescent forming was a sharp contrast to the deep red.   Just a magnificent sight.

Nature certainly throws some beautiful sights at us from time to time and it’s great to be part of it and enjoy it.  We enjoyed it and had some fun together and it was a nice talking point and distraction from the usual dreary News on the TV at the time (I have to stop watching that stuff).

I nearly missed it – So glad I happened to go out at just the right time .  Thanks to my son for letting me know we had a great view of it.

It was a great cap on an already good day.

I sorted most of my Heartbleed Internet concerns and look to have been unscathed; managed to complete some client work; and, enjoyed some writing practice putting to good use some of the tips I’ve picked up from Pete Godfrey, Bret Thomson, Lou Larsen, Joe Sugarman and a few others over the last few months.  It’s been an absorbing journey learning how to write in a more open, freer style than my grammatically focussed technical professional style picked over 40 years in accountancy.

I wonder what today will bring.  I’m in organising mode as soon as I finish this then some quiet meditative time after the webinar to prepare for the tasks ahead.  One of which is to clear the decks in my office.

Second session in the Quick Start Challenge will begin shortly and I have a couple of big jobs to complete.  That’ll be satisfying.  I’ll let you know if I hit my target tomorrow ( that’s making me accountable 🙂 for my plans).

Whenever you read this make sure you take time to enjoy the present moment or like me you might have nearly missed something special like the lunar eclipse.  Too good to miss.

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  1. Os Cook says:

    It was a beautiful sight.
    Nice to see it was a good way to finish a day – nature is awesome.

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