Opt-ins, Squeeze Page, Gift and Emails

The Quick Start Challenge Week 3 is building pressure on technical skills.

Opt-ins, Squeeze Pages and Gifts

On the menu for this weeks challenge are

No Mountain Too Big

No Mountain Too Big

  • Opt-ins and email sequence
  • Squeeze Pages; and,
  • Gifts

The opt-in wasn’t too difficult as I have been using Aweber for several years and knew how to get that together.

I just had to work through the process which with Aweber is fairly easy to work with although I do remember struggling hard with parts of the process when I first used them.  If I get stuck they have Tutorials to help you through the process which is good.

Opt-in forms can get pretty complicated and you need that balance between just enough contact information and asking for too much.

It all depends on what I’m giving visitors who are kind enough to join my list.

For this exercise I kept it simple just asking for a name and email on the form. Email will be sufficient to up-date followers and share things  with them.

I also had to decide if this was going to be a single or double opt-in.  I really hate spam and at the risk of a few people dropping off I’m going for the double opt-in.  It also means only visitors who are really interested and happy to go that extra step will get on the list.   I reckon that means fewer people will fall off later.

If I was giving away a physical product I’d also need their mail address and maybe a telephone number.  As Mal Emery says if you are a marketer, and you don’t have all three, your business can disappear overnight.  He’s a great advocate of using email, telephone (calls and SMS) and delivery to a real mail address. (If you’ve not come across Mal then have a look at his website at MalEmery.com and pick up some great marketing ideas.)

The squeeze page is a lot more challenging because it needs to be a really effective page that grabs attention sufficiently for the reader/viewer to want to take action and fill in the Opt-in form.

This means I have to delve into my copy-writing skills which are not yet well developed but I do have some ideas and have to choose between a video squeeze page or text or both.  Tony Laidig’s Marketing with Story will be a great source of inspiration for this one and others to follow for other sites.

From past experience and feedback I think I’ll just go for a short video.  I’m lucky because I’m comfy with video (lots of people hate the thought of getting front of a camera). Video seems to get the best result because when people watch they can get a sense of who I am and how passionate I’m about the topic.

This site is about me and my life and stuff I want to share and I like to think I’m pretty passionate about lots of things going on in my life.

So what is my gift going to be?

I’m a fanatic about Hypnosis and all things hypnotic.

I get a lot of people wanting to know how to relax so I’m going to offer a relaxation MP3 to anyone who joins my list.

How will I ensure only real people get the MP3 well if I receive a dummy email they won’t get the link.

I also need a follow-up email sequence that is automatically sent out and Aweber has the tools for that too.  Dean Holland and my other mentors (Andrew and Darryl Grant, Pete Godfrey and Bret Thomson to mention a few)  have stressed the importance of these and how they help build the relationship with the list.

Once again writing skills confront me so this is also a bit of a hurdle.  I’ll get them done though and did the first when I set up the opt-in form.

It’s getting really exciting all these lessons coming together now.  Catalyst = QSC.

This isn’t a mountain I’m climbing and I’m constantly reminding myself that I’ll get better and better with each email or post.  That get’s me over  any sense of overwhelm which can take hold pretty quickly if you let it.


4 Responses to “Opt-ins, Squeeze Page, Gift and Emails”

  1. Doug says:

    Congrats on finishing the course, based on the blogroll there weren’t many that finished.
    Best of luck

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Hi Doug Great to see you visited and yes the numbers seem to have fallen off.
      The guys and the group made it so much easier to stick with this one – it had a great feel.
      Good luck in your endeavours.

  2. Hi Chris – great job – you have a terrific site and an obvious business model.

    I wish you every success on your endeavors.

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Hello Sherry.
      Glad you found your way here and seems you enjoyed your visit.
      Thanks for the nice comment – helps keep me motivated.
      Good luck with your Challenge and journey and may you have great success too.

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