Opt-ins, Squeeze Page, Gift and Emails

The Quick Start Challenge Week 3 is building pressure on technical skills.

Opt-ins, Squeeze Pages and Gifts

On the menu for this weeks challenge are

No Mountain Too Big

No Mountain Too Big

  • Opt-ins and email sequence
  • Squeeze Pages; and,
  • Gifts

The opt-in wasn’t too difficult as I have been using Aweber for several years and knew how to get that together.

I just had to work through the process which with Aweber is fairly easy to work with although I do remember struggling hard with parts of the process when I first used them.  If I get stuck they have Tutorials to help you through the process which is good.

Opt-in forms can get pretty complicated and you need that balance between just enough contact information and asking for too much. Read More…

The Money Is Here

We often hear or read “The Money Is In The List” but it’s a misquote.

The Money Is In The Relationship With Your List

It’s Week three of the Quick Start Challenge and Dean Holland shared some great insights again. He has a very easy delivery style and always has some gems of wisdom in his sessions. This week was all about List Building and monetising the list.

where is the money,list building

Value the Relationship

As an example he said several marketers had sent many thousands of people to the QSC landing page and had hardly any, if any, sign ups at all. Other marketers with much smaller lists had far better conversions rates.

He posed the question – If the money is in the list why didn’t the big list marketers make more money than the small list referrers?

His explanation was simple and once heard is quite easy to accept – it’s even obvious. ….. Keep reading now ..

Sleep Deprived – I Nearly Crashed

Sleep Deprivation:  The New Alcohol Threat On The Road.

I Nearly Crashed When Driving Tired

Wow.  All this happened 40 years ago and it’s still pretty vivid in my mind.

I remember what a great trip it was to visit my Mum and friends in Sydney when I had a weekend off from my job as a Jackaroo.  It was about a 4-5 hour drive from home and I got away mid Friday afternoon and all was well as I arrived home around 8pm.

fatigue, sleep, driving fatigue, sleep deprivation, drowsy, drunk driver, drink driving, sleepiness, dangerous driving

Fatigue – Tired Drivers Kill

All the family was around, which was unusual, and I had a ball with my friends and all in all it was a pretty solid weekend.

The party on Saturday night was the usual blast and a few over indulged – as youngsters did and still do now.  Everything changes but it Keep reading now

Where’s The Money

The Quick Start Challenge now rolls into Week 3

Week Three of the QSC is about Money


I have discovered that I have a lot of skills and knowledge about the internet that put me in a good place to become an internet marketer and build an income from internet sources.

I successfully ranked my former offline business with 3+ spots on page one of Google for over eighteen months and with at least one link in spots 1-3 for about half that time.  I know ranking can be achieved as I have been there.

This week I’m hoping to discover how to use what I know to monetise my online sites.

internet marketing , passive income

The Money Tree

Visual Golfers (http://visualgolfers.com) will be my main push in the next 45 days.  At present it is being rebuilt and the membership structure re-engineered to be 3 tier rather than 4.  The 4th tier was very high level and would require significant and ongoing personal input from me – just what I’m trying to avoid.

The other target areas are a mix of on-line and off-line services in hypnosis and local marketing.  These will continue to be developed week by week as opportunities to market them become apparent and in line with my plans for them.  What I have learned from the QSC in regard to them is that I must be a more active blogger both on them and posting to other sites that already have my customers.

Where is the money?

I’m looking forward to discovering just what Dean, Craig and JF have in store for this weeks lesson and the following challenge.



Music I Like

Music I like

See My Music Page 

I just took some time out to listen to some music while I was doing some work.

I thought why not add a Music Page to my Blog and share the music that moves me.

Tonight is clearly a thoughtful mood I’m in but over time my broad range of tastes will be reflected as I find links on the net to versions I like.

First additions include –

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland and Eva Cassidy – so different but both so beautiful)

Summertime and the Living is Easy  (2 versions)

Pachelbels Canon in D (several versions Instrumental, Orchestra and Harp)

Beethoven’s Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring  (that’s a Flash Mob from Spain and is magnificent)

As I said there’ll be more to come as I’ve only scratched to tip of the iceberg here.

Hope you enjoy some of my links – page is messy but what the heck

Music – It’s food for the soul.

QSC Week 2

Video Challenge in QSC Week 2

My video is short and is really just a quick introduction to me and best wishes to all QSC participants.

I’ll share with you the production process after the video.

Just Click the Video Frame below to watch it 

Chris says "Hello"

Chris says “Hello”


Chris Stanton-Cook’s QSC Introduction

Continue reading now ……………….

Lunar Eclipse

Were you able to see the Lunar eclipse?

I didn’t think we’d get much of a view from here and it was only a partial not a full blackout but when I went outside there was this absolutely magnificent blood red moon.

It was pretty spectacular and one of those moments I wished I’d had a camera that could capture it.  Missed opportunity.  I even tried to find a pic to add here but nothing I could find does it justice so – No pic.  (Maybe I’ll be able to get one from someone in the family.)

There it was just sitting above the outstretched leaves of a palm tree in my front yard, looking Read More…

First Post

Well here goes – a new blog

This one – yep this site – is just for me and my readers – no business stuff  – nice change and gives me some more freedom too.

I get to share my experiences and views without being constrained by the limitations of focus required on my other sites.  I’ll probably share some links along the way when I reckon their worth sharing or have taught me something.

Peace and energy
A favourite place

The catalyst for this site is my joining the Quick Start Challenge for 2014.  The first challenge was to post to a blog you run and if you didn’t have one to get it set up and make the post.

I initially thought I’d use an existing site User Reviews It and made my challenge post there but now I’ve decided I’ll use that site to review the program and share my impressions of the training.  So far I have to say I’m pretty impressed with Dean and his upfront no BS attitude but friendly style.  Haven’t learnt a lot from the first session but sure revised and revisited some important stuff.  Really enjoying it.

Some I’ll share here –

  • Do it and fix it if it’s broke – you wont know til you do it.
  • Effective planning is essential
  • Time management – set aside time for what has to be done and be accountable
  • Get out of your comfort zone – might be surprised at the results
  • Get your head in the winners circle if you want to win
  • Basics first and pretty it up later
  • Outsource what you can’t or don’t want to do but get it done

Stay tuned and follow the flow.  The plan for here is that I’ll be setting up pages for major areas and posting snippets on the front page with links to the page with the full post or article or video or whatever it turns out to be.

If you get the chance before you go share this with others because it might inspire them to have a go too.



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