QSC Week 2

Video Challenge in QSC Week 2

My video is short and is really just a quick introduction to me and best wishes to all QSC participants.

I’ll share with you the production process after the video.

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Chris says "Hello"

Chris says “Hello”


Chris Stanton-Cook’s QSC Introduction







How did I put this together?

I used Camtasia Studio v8 and collected all my materials before getting in front of my WebCam.

Background – a JPG picture of a local Golf Course (I wanted something pleasant but not too distracting).

Music – Slightly upbeat track of some licensed loops so you feel uplifted – works right.

The rest is all within Camtasia –

  • Callouts for Title and End
  • Transitions between segments
  • Editing – to patch it all together

Notice the elements being put in here that work to engage the viewers – I want to engage as many senses as I can.

How long did it take to get this 1 minute video up on YouTube?  

A little over an hour because I decided to muck around with the Callouts and re-record myself.

If I’d run with the first cam take without the bits that pretty everything up it could have been done in under 15 minutes from woe to go.

What didn’t I do that I should have?

I should have prepared a script that I could see easily at eye level.  That would have removed the couple of Ums” and “ahs” from the production.

Was it easy?

Yes it was for me (except for my burning desire to go back and do it better).

I have no problem getting in front of the camera and speaking but I know for a lot of people that is worse than giving a speech. I am a professional trainer so I’m frequently speaking and being filmed.

I have got past thinking too much about how I sound or look and concentrate more on being presentable and as professional as I can be.

Don Andrews, one of the worlds great guitarists, once told me after I’d messed up a piece at a concert ( he knew I could play it) to get inside my mind and see myself in my lounge room playing to friends where I had no problem playing.  That was great advice and I use that every time I get up to speak either on stage, in a classroom or on camera. That’s something I use with almost every hypnosis client to great effect – we call it Visualisation.

I hope fellow QSC-ers that you had fun making your video and that even if you felt uncomfortable then you feel more comfortable now and then when people watch it you’ll get some nice comments and feel even better then.QSC W2 Challenge

Well that’s all ticked off for this week and now to get back to the more mundane aspects of life and to earn a crust or two.

For everyone celebrating Easter – Have a very Happy and safe break.

I’ll be back into the posting next week and hope to see everyone working hard in the Challenge like me next week.
Can’t help but wonder what W3 will offer us.

28 Responses to “QSC Week 2”

  1. Alayna says:

    Hi Chris, I loved your video. You’re obviously a very confident speaker. The music and background scene were just right, not too overpowering to take away from the message. I’m sure I can gain tips from you to make my next video better. Here’s to week 3.
    Cheers, Alayna

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Thanks Alayna
      I’ll be happy to help out – just ask and if it’s something I can assist with I’ll share.
      I think your video was wonderful and had some fantastic content – much better thought out than mine which was hurriedly put together to show people in the QSC the process I use and get people moving on theirs.
      Take care and enjoy the challenge.

  2. Hello fellow quick starter, happy to see we are all up and blogging. Good luck in your journey.

    Good video my man. 🙂

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      What a great journey we’re on.
      Good luck to you also John.
      Thanks visiting and also for the comment.

  3. Ari Verzosa says:

    Hi Chris! Great video introduction =) Looks like you’re one of the first to have their video up and running.

    Looking forward to seeing more of you.

    By the way, love the picture of your favorite place, looks so serene.

    Good luck and best wishes in your challenge

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Thanks for visiting Ari
      I enjoy doing this type of work and while there is a lot more to learn I just wanted to show what could be done fairly quickly with some editing and preparation.
      I hope by describing the approach it helps others get theirs done.
      Enjoy the challenge. I am and I know I’ll be all the better for it.

  4. Doug says:

    Great job on your video, I think everyone else summed it up 🙂

    Good luck with the challenge.


    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Hi Doug
      Thanks for checking it out and your nice comments.
      I hope you’re enjoying the challenge as much as me – have fun with it.

  5. Anne Uemura says:

    Hello Chris: I love your multi-media approach. Watching all these videos such as yours makes me want to re-do mine…but I don’t want to get caught up in perfectionism, and want to keep moving ahead. Delightful to find such talents such as yours in this large group of us taking up the challenge. Let move ahead together. The best to you, Anne

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Hello Anne
      There is nothing you really need to do to your video and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
      The idea is to get it out there and discover how easy it is.
      It gets easier every time and the more you do the more you can experiment – have to be careful there are not too many toys used or the message gets lost and I always have in the back of my mind that 20% of the effort has 80% of the job done.
      Thanks for you lovely comments.
      Enjoy the challenge and may you move ahead in leaps and bounds.

  6. Great video Chris, you looked a natural. Good luck with The Quick Start Challenge and may it make your present online a fantastic experience and prove lucrative in business and pleasure 🙂 Informative info and look forward to greater things from your blog…

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Thanks for the kind comments. Hope the post with the video helps fellow QSC members to put theirs together.

  7. Scott says:

    Hey Chris, Great job on your video. I see you have some skills. Keep up the great work okay buddy.

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Hi Scott – It’s taken quite a few years of little bits of learning and of trial and error to get to that. Would be great to really get into Video beyond the hobby interest stage and Camtasia really does a neat job for a low cost piece of editing software.

  8. Tywon says:

    I really enjoyed your video. It was very professional and you are a great speaker. I was engaged in your video the whole time. Keep up the good work!

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Thanks again for the encouraging words.
      I can only get better – the more you do it the easier it gets.

  9. Reto Badraun says:

    Hi Chris,
    I love your video and how professional it looks. It’s a nice touch to add some music and an introductory and ending slide. Great job, I really liked it.

  10. Jim Rice says:


    What a remarkable video and write up! Extremely well put together and very professional.



    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Hello Jim.
      Thanks for visiting and your kind words.
      I hope sharing a little of how I do things will help others on their journey through the QSC.

  11. Hi Chris loved the video. I am awful at times for saying em but I did not really notice your ums and ahs so much that you mentioned. I suppose we are all overly critically of our own efforts at times though. I wonder what week 3 will offer also. Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Thanks Kirsten for your kind comments.
      Yes there were a couple of “Ums” in there and if I was doing this as a paid presentation there would have been more re-takes than one and if I’d not been is such a rush I would have scripted it but thought “au naturel” for this was the way to go.

  12. Ken Bishop says:

    That’s a very impressive post and the video was very good. I like the way you placed the music in there it was appealing and really fit in. I have seen videos where the music can be quite obnoxious but not the case here. Great job Chris.

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Thanks so much Ken.
      Really appreciate the kind words.
      Choice of background music is really important and it’s not all that easy to find affordable backing so that’s probably why you’ve come across some clangers.

  13. Keyur Amin says:

    Hey Chris,

    Wow, what a video buddy! Free and fearless, 😉

    Great job nicely done.

  14. Boon says:

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve watched your video. I think you have done a wonderful job. And I agree, it is indeed engaging.

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      Thanks for watching and I’m glad you found it engaging – that’s what I hope for in very video.
      I’m glad you found the post had some useful tips.
      Enjoy the Challenge – I am.

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