Sinking Australia!

Australia is Sinking – A Political Rant

We are just about 6 months away from the next scheduled Federal election in Australia if the Government goes full term.

Politics in Australia serves those in power.

Australian Politics: Self-Interest Rules

Politicians in Australia seem to have a common trait. That is self-interest.
They are more concerned about how can they can get re-elected and who will help them get re-elected.
That is sad because their self-interest and short-term vision is threatening the lifestyle and wonderful future this country should be enjoying.

Why and how can they, the politicians, do this?

The Australian public is generally politically naive and other than turning up to vote at every election because it is compulsory, we don’t seem to care too much.
Political discussion is mostly avoided and seen as impolite. Isn’t that cultural attribute a great way to stifle interest and debate in the community.
Most Aussies also feel powerless and excluded from the political debate because it is a “bit of a club” into which ordinary people are not let in.

Mr Turnbull – Where are you taking this country?

I never thought I’d have much sympathy for Tony Abbott who went, deposed by Mr Turnbull about 6 months ago, because he just couldn’t connect with ordinary people and his policies were not well received.  His successor, Malcolm Turnbull, is turning out to be a rather beige PM and this, his lack of action and results, is starting to be noticed and highlighted in the local press.

At least Mr Abbott had some policies and a sense of direction about which you could form an opinion.  He is quite a divisive man and seems to be one who had few people holding a neutral view of him. His re-election to Parliment could lead to some interesting times in the next Parliament for his deposer.

It seems Mr Turnbull has compromised some of his public core values (notably climate change, equality in marriage rights). Some would call it being flexible while others would say his change of position was an act of political expediency. These are values that helped him gain him electoral popularity and helped him to get the top job. Now he has the lead role he can’t seem to control his party and Ministers (3 gone in 6 months) or to define and share his vision, if he has one.

Innovation seems to be one of his favourite words but what’s his policy? Our greatest innovation enterprise – CSIRO – has had funds gutted again.

Political Speak 

Every time he speaks, his oratory is full of metaphors and feel good words BUT no action or sense of direction.

His speeches reek of political speak – talk a lot, sound important but say nothing and commit to nothing.

Where is the Opposition

A half decent opposition should be tearing this Government apart.
No show there either.
There are so many problems that they have a smorgasbord of political ammunition if they’d care to feast on it.

Could it be they are all puppets to the same puppeteer?

The Keating Prediction – The Australian Banana Republic

Is Australia becoming the banana republic Mr Keating warned us about all those years ago?

As a nation we have no vision and our Government is doing its best to give away all our jobs and advantages to the lowest bidders and with little respect for our environment or heritage.  They seem keen to accelerate the process of globalisation which hands power to corporations and cedes sovereign rights of this country away from the people and Government.

The end result will be a very lopsided 2 tier society where a very few will have all the wealth and power (maybe we’re there now and just don’t realise it) and the rest will be dependent economic slaves.  It is a recipe for social revolution and upheaval, as Marie Antoinette may tell you if she were here to tell her tale.

Currently, many citizens here are under the illusion they have freedom but really are already economic slaves to the banks and employers. This enslaved group could grow quickly unless there are some major policy changes to ensure this country has strong independent future where there is active encouragement for people to have a go at building a career or business that will endure.

Shared Clarity of Vision is Needed Now

We need a clear long-term view of where we will be in 50 and 100 years instead of by the end of the next election.

Tax is an area where confusion reigns.  There is much talk of Tax Reform but when they use the word savings they frequently refer to the collection of more tax by removing existing tax benefits.  That is hardly a saving.
It looks as though the soft target of Superannuation will be hit.  Changes may only be at the top end in the initial reforms but it has been reported these will just be the thin end of the wedge.
The GST discussion seems to have been dropped like a hot potato and it is a Tax that needs some changes to make it far less complex to administer but an increase to 15% would be a disaster to an already fragile economy.

Politicians are elected to Govern For The People

Politicians, please remember Australia is (supposedly) a democratic country and you were elected to Govern for the People and not to Govern the people.

An observer would be very hard pressed to see evidence of this in Australia at all levels of Government.

It seems both sides of Government have a desire for control and to govern the people because to govern for us might enable people to actually achieve freedom and no longer be dependent on the Government for handouts and assistance.

A Time for Leadership

Elected representative it is time for you to show some leadership and stand up for what is best for the people of this country, the majority of people.  It’s just and right that you get Australia working again in 21st-century industries, working toward a sustainable planet and not be beholden to your corporate donors and supporters who care not what damage they do to reap whatever they can from the country and its people to feather their own beds.

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