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I just visited my old wordpress.com site and discovered I had some unanswered comments to posts – long time unanswered.

I had forgotten about some of the posts as well – pity cause I think a few are worth reading.

One in particular is close to my heart and is about a horrendous (what I understand is an) auto-immune condition called Sweets.

Please spread the word about this syndrome because it is one that has a hard fight for research support and it can be as nasty as any cancer in its worst cases.

There is another post on there about a sufferer Kim Townsend-Jones which is absolutely inspirational.  Kims Journey – Sweets Syndrome Support Site

As Kim relates on her site the reason Sweets gets little funding in the words of her Physician –
“a squeaky wheel gets oiled” and Sweets doesn’t squeak much.


Posts about Sweets on ProfiTrain at WordPress.com



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