What A Week

How was your week?
Focus on what you can control and move forward.

What a week – such a mix of Good and Bad.

The last week is one I could gladly go through life again without repeating.

What a Week

What a Week

It’s left me with very mixed emotions and a resolve to knuckle down and keep on keeping on.


Positives –

  • My exercise regime continues so am pleased I haven’t fallen of the self set program.
  • The Quick Start Challenge rolled to an end. What a great 4 weeks and so much to work on.
  • Pete Godfrey’s monthly newsletter arrived – Emotional Ad Writing & Marketing Letter
  • Managed to write a short article that was liked in a writing group (just 1 like but that felt really good).
  • Picked up some unexpected work to keep the cash flowing.

Negatives –

  • Cyber criminals destroyed my computer with ransom-ware. The virus is called CryptoLocker
    • Spent most of this week recovering backup data files.
    • Refused to pay the $500 ransom because that would only encourage them to keep doing what they do and possibly encourage further attacks on me and my computers.
  • Training Program was cancelled at the last minute.
  • Contract work pulled on closure of a business.

 Where from here

Put it behind me and move on focussing on the tasks and deadlines to be met in the coming days.

No point crying over spilt milk!

8 Responses to “What A Week”

  1. Keyur Amin says:

    Thanks Chrsi for this post…atleast I am now able to tell someone what I did 😉

    My week was quite good.

    Planning to move to Australia so made all the papers ready to submit on Monday.
    Yes, I too didn’t missed going to gym.
    Because I work from home, so I am always with my family which is a good thing so overall enjoyed the week.

    The challenge is still ON and I missed on the schedule of writing my next post which I am going to make it today.


  2. Dawn says:

    What an energy-filled week you have had! Although a few negative things did happen, you are wise to put them behind you (you know, those little lessons learned), and move forward.

    That is what successful people do…”keep on, keeping on.”

    • Chris Stanton-Cook says:

      A week from hell but it’s past and I can’t change it.
      The bad was tempered with the good.
      Onwards and upwards – the tide must turn.
      Thanks for the visit.

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