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Interested in the work I do work

My career has been quite varied and had some great experiences.

Started in Accounting in 1971 and almost everywhere I went after that I somehow got to use those skills.

1973 I went Jackarooing for about a year until a broken neck put an end to that.

Then came into a musical career teaching guitar and a partner in a music business.

A screen printing business followed as I returned to uni to finish my accounting degree – that was a lot of fun and did I have my opened about that industry.  One large printer showed me what they were doing and was printing runs of 1000’s of T-Shirts for a “hippy” in the north who was selling them as hand printed.  He was a pretty well off “hippy”.

Then back to Accountancy where I’ve been since 1980 either as a professional accountant or in a commercial role.  The best part was the business building and analysis work I was involved in, as I became more experienced, and the knowledge gained on how to use Tax Laws for clients advantage.

What I do Now

Life has moved on and I now split my time 3 ways.

Hypnosis,  Training, Local Mobile and Internet Marketing  Accounting and Tax


This has been a passion for many years and I have used self-hypnosis (actually all hypnosis is self-hypnosis) for over 30 years.Hypnosis With Chris

My websites for Hypnosis are:

Hypnosis With Chris – Blog

Visual Golfers – (Currently being rebuilt) This is a paid Membership siteVisual Golfer

How to De-Stress Easily – Blog

How to Relax  – A Meditation training program.
There’s a Free mini course or try the full course ($2.95 14 day trial and the $37 for lifetime Membership)


Local Marketing – Business Building and Training

This is such an exciting area.  So many businesses need help in this area and just have no idea what is available and how it can be done really easily.

I have written an ebook “Local Market Money Spinners” which is available on Amazon‘ which outlines options for local business marketing.  If you’ve never looked into it it’s a great place to start.

I love this work because we get to use NLP and Hypno tools in our marketing and to help build trust and strong local relationships.

My websites for Marketing and Business Development are:

ProfiTrain – BlogProfiTrain

Local Mobile Internet Marketing – Blog


I run workshops covering Record keeping, Understanding Small Business Financial Statements and general business management training.

Check my YouTube Channel – ProfiTrain for some online quick training

I contract to the QMBA and deliver the Accounting and Tax module of their Business Management Course

Accounting and Tax

This flows on from all those years of number crunching and tax advising.

I do this on a contract basis and continue to help many of my clients from my old practice.

The web site is –

Local Tax Accountants Logan – McDuff Accountants Mobile

In addition I do bookkeeping for clients.


That’s a quick hit and I’ll add more as I get ideas from reading it.  Anyhow it should help you get to know me a bit better.


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